We view the world through our own lens, our own perspective, our own experience. As a result, we each gain our own special insights on the world. Photography allows us to capture those insights and share them with others; And since I won my first 35MM camera in a poker game, I have been doing just that.

Photography for me, is not about taking pictures. It`s about capturing moments of time, discovering underlying symmetries, hidden beauty, and trying new views and perspectives.

In photography, there are several vital elements, including form,composition, subject and most importantly for me--color. My camera is my personal kaleidoscope. It allows me to capture, manipulate, and enjoy colors in a way that simple viewing doesn`t permit. It gives me great pleasure to share those colors with others. I hope you derive the same joy from them that I do.

* Mar. 2012--Oct. 2012 (Washington, D.C.) Hill & Knowlton
*Apr. 2013-- Nov.2013 (Alexandria, Va.) Art In City Hall

*Jan. 2015--Jun. 2015 (Alexandria, Va.) Art in City Hall

*2012--2019 (Alexandria, Va.) 28  juried Art League Monthly Shows

*Sept.--Nov. 2016 (Alexandria, Va.) Athenaeum Invitational

Jan. 2019 (Arlington, Va.) National Juried Art Exhibit-- Clarendon Art Gallery

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